Santino's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Alpharetta / Johns Creek
3005 Old Alabama Road
Johns Creek GA 30022
(770) 751-0300

Monday 11:30am-8pm
Tues.-Thurs. 11:30am-9pm
Friday 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
Saturday 11:30 am - 9 pm
Sunday - closed

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Santino's is a proud Silver Sponsor for the Centennial Knights Football Team. We donate food at every home game. See you at the games!

New Prospect Elementary School

Santino's is the sole sponsor of the Pizza Party that rewards the winning classes in the
Boxtops and Labels for Education Competition
at New Prospect Elementary School.

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Santino's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Customer Reviews

"Best Pizza South of New York - I have been to most pizza places, including other pizza places and the Alpharetta location (now Santino's) is by far the best Pizza south of New York. Being from Long Island and working in Manhattan I have had NY's best and worst. Their pizza is thin, excellent tasting sauce, and the perfect amount of cheese. Although I live about 30 minutes away, its my first and only choice for pizza. I would recommend it to anyone. The service is great, the prices are great, overall its top notch" Excerpt from Citysearch.

"Excellent NY style Pizza - Being from Long Island, NY and having worked in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn for a few years I know what I like in NY style pizza and this is the best in GA I have had since moving here three years ago. The Manager is from Queens and knows how to make a great pie. Everybody is friendly and is ready to get you what you need. My Father-in-law who grew up in Brooklyn says it's the best pie HE has had since leaving NY almost 10 years ago! You have to go and try the pizza as it is the best!" Excerpt from Citysearch.

"Great Neighborhood Place - We love Santino's and go there every Friday. The wait staff is excellent and becomes knowledgeable of regulars, and the manager is friendly and attentive. Never have had a bad meal and they bend over backwards to accommodate crowds." Excerpt from article in Citysearch.

"Great Mom & Pop Pizzeria - While visiting the Atlanta area I had a chance to eat dinner one evening at Santino's. The first thing I noticed when I entered Santino's was the atmosphere. There was a local fire station company having a meal and several family's seated throughout the dining room. Everyone was cheerful including the staff who was bantering back and forth with the firemen. You don't find this in a corporate chain restaurant.

We settled into our booth and ordered a large half pepperoni / have cheese pizza. The pie was a typical New York style Neapolitan pizza. Very large, and relatively thin allowing you to easily fold your slices. The dough was very fresh and the sauce and toppings were evening proportioned. I really liked the cheese blend on the pizza as well. There were at least 3 cheeses in it.

Once again I can't state enough how friendly and attentive the staff was. Santino's is not just a pizzeria, it's a full service Italian restaurant and everything from soups, salads, pastas, chicken, veal, etc... Next time I'm in the Atlanta area I intend to visit again." Excerpt from Urbanspoon.

"A Great Family Place - I brought my family and a group of friends to Santino's and enjoyed every minute of it. I had gone on a Friday night and as extremely busy as they were they made sure we had a table and were taken care of. The service was great and the pizza out of this world. The wait time was a little long but it seemed everyone in Alpharetta was there at the time and it was well worth the wait. I would suggest this place to all of my friends and people at church, and I plan to go back many times again." Excerpt from Urbanspoon.

"Great Food and Service - Santino's is right down the street from where I live. I go there at least three times a week, I am from New York and their pizza is the best in town. I love the customer service, and at times the service can be a little slow , but only when it is extremely busy. The staff remembers me and makes me feel as if i were at home, and in today's world it feels good to be remembered as a good customer and not as just another check waiting to get paid." Excerpt from Urbanspoon.

"I really like this pizza joint! Great NY style peetza pye: good flavor to the sauce, cheese blend's deelish, toppings yum, and the crust is perfecto. I seriously don't know why you'd order from the chain guys when this is a far, far better option. Support the neighborhood business, y'alls!!" Excerpt from Yelp.

"Food - aaaaammmmmaaaaazing! I was in the mood for a basic cheesy pizza. Nothing fancy, but it's hard to pull off an amazing cheese pizza. This place sure did! The cheeses were perfectly blended and flavorful (I ordered a side of marinara to dip my crust in and wasn't even charged!), but the kicker for me was the crust. It was perfection. Crispy, but not overdone. I really don't have words for it but I want it again tonight!" Excerpt from Yelp.

"Great little family Italian place. Any time either my family, or my wife's, is in town, they always ask to go to Santino's. Their pastas are great. The Spaghetti San Pietro is one of my favorites. The Pizza is also very good. One slice of Manhattan Meat is a meal on it's own.

The service can sometimes be a little slow. They seem to prefer hiring high school kids as waiters, which is fine, but sometimes they can be distracted or just a little off the ball. Nothing horrible by any means, but few of these kids are professional waiters.

Even with that caveat, I have no hesitation going there any time we're going out to dinner. If you're in the mood for fancy food, they got it, if not, then a simple slice is there too. I would easily recommend this place to anyone coming through the area." Excerpt from Yelp.

"I was not disappointed! Had a slice of their Veggie and a slice of Manhattan I think it was (their meat pizza) Loved it, good size slices and generous with the toppings as well but not overpowering. The crust was nice and crispy too. One thing I found strange was broccoli on the veggie pizza but either way it is the best pizza in the area. Why on Earth would anyone order from a chain when this little gem is nearby?" Excerpt from Yelp.

Santino's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
3005 Old Alabama Road | Johns Creek, GA 30022 | (770) 751-0300
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